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Lab Activities

Shipyard Incubator

A decentralised incubator to support Web3 ventures and builders

W3 Blab Podcast

Where we 'Blab' about all things Web3, exploring what the new internet means for the world


Where we test, build, and co-create together in a fun way. From NFT projects, to web3 app and web2.5 integrations.

Lab Class

A class experience where we share knowledge from the industry : how to build & create web3 ventures

Lab Day

A experience where we explore web3.0 through co-working, panels and pitches


An explorative evening where we watch educational film together in a cool setting

Tech Night

An evening where we, geek builders join forces to learn the mechanics of the web3 universe

Co-working Day

An experience where we open our personal home space to co-work with other members

Our Labs


From web2.5 to web3,
We are co-creating the future ventures

With a touch of community,
Non-fungible experiences,
and fun stories